Patrick and Tracy Show
2016 Tour Schedule

March 2 - Carefree Village Resort, Yuma, AZ 7:00PM

March 9 - Desert Shadows RV Resort, Phoenix, AZ 7:00PM

March 15 - Las Palmas Resort, Mesa, AZ 7:00PM  


"Really enjoyed your show last night, it was one of the best that we have had here in the park. Your audience involvement makes for a GREAT show. You are very good at feeding the crowd.  Your show is very far from a canned performance, I think your show is one that you could go to time and again
and enjoy it each time."  - Dan & Sherry

"Fabulous!!! The Patrick and Tracy Show is full of fun, energy, belly laughs, & goose bumps...their show has it all!!!  And the BEST PART - their warmth and love for each other and for their audience radiates to all in attendance!!!" 

- Rosemary H.

"We have been to Patrick and Tracy's show many times (every time where're in Branson) and have enjoyed each and every one, now we have our grandkids loving their show also." - Don and Sharon D.  

"Absolutely fantastic evening and something we will be talking about for years to come." - Lori H.  

"The BEST SHOW we've seen in Branson!  And we've seen a lot of shows!"  - Lisa S.

"Patrick and Tracy invite you to go on this journey with them and it is an amazing journey!  They are so talented and so much fun!!!" - Sherry F.

"Patrick and Tracy's SHOW IS GREAT!  They don't just perform for us.  They go right out into the crowd and make us feel like we're doing the show with them.  It's exciting!  It's fresh!  It's the best show we've seen!"  - Cathy T.  

"Patrick and Tracy are the most versatile entertainers you will ever see!  They sing,  they dance,  they're hilarious!  They're the new Sonny and Cher!!"  - Robert and Beverly U.

"Patrick and Tracy were FANTASTIC!  They are the real deal!  You will get no better than Patrick and Tracy."  - Keith S.​


An entertaining marriage...of music and laughter